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 Miami Dade County Employees Making 100K to 450K - Time for Immediate Layoffs or Pink Slips!

Rick Scott Deposition In Health Care Fraud - Pleads the Fifth Over and Over and Over

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We are fortunate to live in a state like Florida and in such a dynamic time in human history. Through my years as a resident of Florida, I have witnessed the goodness that Floridian's have to offer. My personal philosophy and beliefs are similar to those of the typical Floridian. These include the values of accountability in government, empowering the individual, lowering taxes, and removing government excessive "red tape" and regulation. The best way to empower individuals is to give them the tools to succeed and then allow them to succeed.

McGillis Ethics Reform: Waging a War on Corruption:

The corrupt can either go quietly or they can go loudly, but either way, they will go.

This Miami Herald story speaks volumes as to why we need change: Click Here

Immediately upon taking office, McGillis will declare a war on the long history of corruption in the state by calling a special session of the legislature to end the image that “who you know is more important than what you know” when doing business in Florida. Darrin McGillis will push a comprehensive ethics reform package through the session requiring a more detailed financial disclosure for elected and appointed officials, prohibiting all conflicts of interests, closing the loophole on free tickets, ending lobbyist-funded lavish meals, and giving the Office of the Attorney General the ability to independently root out corruption in government at all levels. Providing the Florida Supreme Court the authority to appoint a independent special prosecutor to root out corruption at the highest levels of the Florida Government.

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If you believe in change - If you think that it is about time that the State of Florida breathes some fresh air, stops bullying the poor and middle class, and takes better care of its internal affairs, then you are for Darrin E. McGillis for Governor of Florida in 2010.

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